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    User interface messed up; clicking a file opens different one

    alberti.nl Level 1

      My Lightroom (LR6, Yosemite) is all garbled up. Today I went to an existing book project and after some time I noticed the user interface does dot respond correctly. Clicking a file shows a different file for instance; can't see a full spread.

      Examples of garbling it all up:

      1. In Books, A full spread does not show in books, just one page. I cannot edit a background color.
      2. In preferences, the first pane opens but clicking a tab does not show the tab but on the background the pictures start moving. The preferences pane can not be closed (click the red button).
      3. I developer, clicking a file opens a different file. It is all over the place. Haphazard.

      Indeed: a nightmare.


      I only have some 4.000 (of 50.000) files in LR (other, previous editor was Capture One)

      Until today the only slight problem was that a preview sometimes showed a different picture until I clicked it ( an old picture from elsewhere in the file system).  So that looked like a catalogue index  problem. But I can live with that.


      I restarted Lightroom - no solution; I restarted the computer - no solution, looks worse even.


      LR with its catalogue is on an SSD, the main files are on a HD and some are on a NAS.


      What to do: reinstall LR?