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    how can i make  interactive-fold brochure with "interactive page crawl"?



      Im rather unexperienced in indesign so hawing huge problem.

      I would like to make a proper Three fold brochure and publish It as swf. I albo would like this brochure to use "Interactive page crawl" feature.

      There is no way, so far, I can get result i expect that is:

      1) First I want to see back of left most panel of my brochure in the center of

      the window. On both sides I want to see two "panels" of background.

      2) I want to be able to "turn page" interactively so It opens to the left reveling back of the right panel in the center of the window and front of left panel on the left of middle panel.

      3) I then want to be able to open right panel to the right showing fronts if center and right panels.

      So basically what I expect is to have standard tri-fold brochure only electronic.

      Can someone help me getting this effect?