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    GTX 970 or 980 ?


      I should order a new GPU to my friend's MacPro4,1 tomorrow.

      Just wondering how much that 0.5GB of fast RAM in 980 will speed up things in Premiere (which is the software my friend mostly uses, mostly fullHD h.264 now, more 4k in the future)?

      Is the speedup worth the extra +67% that 980 costs compared to 970?


      Are all the problems (I guess regarding the driver from nVidia) with 970 been sorted out?

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          i would recommend the gtx 970 or 960 to do HD. by the time your friend gets to 4k, they might want a faster computer and by then newer/better video cards will also be available. the last 0.5gb of vram being used will depend on the project, media, and how many gpu effects are being used. chances are the projects wont be using enough vram to be of concern. also, i believe the mac pro only has 2x6pin connectors for the gpu, so double check which video card you buy to find one with matching power plugins. the gtx 960 can be bought with 1x6pin, if your friend needs the other to be available.

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            tokeLahti Level 1

            Thanks for reply!

            980's TDP is 185 W. 980Ti would need external PSU (250 W).

            Cables are easy: Adaptare 35114 Power Cable for Video Card Black: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


            I think I'll recommend him to buy 970, otherwise my efforts in reseaching this subject wouldn't save his money at all...