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    Sudden total failure? of LR 5

    Pekelocald Level 1

      Total disaster hit this morning. Photo shoot and uploaded photos as usual. Went to Develop module to work on selected images. Then suddenly started getting messages about unsupported files and questionable damaged files. Looked at all photos in catalog and getting same messages. 30,000 photos appear to all be affected and missing in action. Omigosh what to do.


      Current set up: OS 10.10.4 on iMac.

                               Photos on WD external drive currently.


      Fortunately all photos backed up online on Smugmug.


      But LR appears totally to have crashed somehow. Maybe external drive related. Iʻve got no idea. Have to do another shoot this AM.


      What to do? What to try? I donʻt know where to start.


      Help! Help! Help!

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Moving to Lightroom forum.

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            Pekelocald Level 1

            Thank you!


            Currently editing photos in PS CS6 and adding to LR (5.7) from desktop where I can export as usual. Makes you appreciate LR!!! However problem remains with the great majority of library affected so that files "Can not be found" in Develop module or just get blank  grey screen instead of photos. External drive crash seems the most likely culprit but??? This morning   before it happened was editing in Develop module as usual when suddenly started getting error messages and things went downhill from there. Still have LR4 (4.4) on my computer and opening that program get the same messages i.e. "This file appears unsupported or damaged." plus small black circle with ! exclamation point. Most of those photos were stored on same external drive.


            I think LR may be telling me itʻs time to upgrade to LR 6 with a new external drive!! I recently got a new 27 inch iMac but have not tried to upgrade or move from my old iMac.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              I doubt it is Lightroom. I suspect it is a failure of the external drive or your Mac Internal drive is having problems.


              LR is telling you "You" Have a Problem with the External drive. No need to upgrade to LR 6 or the CC version. Just replace that external drive.


              But it has been my experience with WD external drives that although the drive might look like is is failing it is more than likely just the Enclosure the physical hard drive is in is failing or failed. Taking out the physical drive from the WD enclosure and connecting it with a SATA to USB adapter that has its own AC adapter, or another known good enclosure again with its own AC power adapter, and the actual drive is still good. It is the Enclosures electronics that has failed.

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                Pekelocald Level 1

                Yes! On further review... turns out that my WD external drive now is totally empty hence that explains it.


                Iʻm not sure I want to go the SATA route. My edited photos are all on Smugmug as well as backed up on external drives but the majority are not available to LR anymore (except for some that were stored on an earlier external drive not the one that has failed). However at this point my LR library is pretty much gone. Letʻs say I just decide to upgrade to LR 6 on my new iMac with a new 3TB OWC external drive. Will LR update everything including the catalogs and missing photos etc. Or should I just start over basically which seems to make the most sense. What would you do?.


                Sorry for the confusion! Sure appreciate your help!!!

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm talking about a SATA, that is Serial ATA (more than likely the actual physical drive inside the WD enclosure uses that type of connection), to USB 2 or 3 Adapter. With one of those you can take the physical drive out of the enclosure and connect it to your computer to get data off it. As I stated before I have had several WD external drives that had seemed to fail but the actual physical drive inside the enclosure was still fine. The Enclosures electronics is the thing that failed.


                  If you have your images on another local external drive all you have to do is Point LR to them. Right click on the drive name or letter and select "Update Folder Location".


                  No need to start over do as I noted above.

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                    Pekelocald Level 1

                    Sounds good. Thank you again for your help!