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    Is any one having trouble with lightroom? Adobes video intro to LR is not working and preventing me from using LR.


      My graphics card is not compatible to windows 10, so I had to downgrade back to 8.1, So I resintall LR which I have been using since November last year, upon opening a video loads in front of LR with no exit button, I have no choice but to press play, I press play and the video screen is blank, nothing is happening and I hit the exit button nothing happens. I restart computer to shut down LR and launch it again and the same thing happens. I shut down computer and unistall and reistall and back to square one. I got up with a tech which is 24/7 and he tells me that have ave to contact them again Mon-Friday 5am to 7pm. I leave for work 4am and font get back till 7:30 pm. I need to work to pay my bills. Very frustrated here because I have 1500 images that need editing. Photoshop is one raw at a time.