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    keeping track of broadcaster

      I am developing a webcasting app (realtime broadcast) using flash and asp.net. I would like to keep track of the online status(yes/no) of the broadcaster. I tried the following:

      When broadcaster starts broadcasting:
      On "Connect.Success", do a loadvars("setOnline.aspx?broadcasterid=111&online=yes") - setOnline.aspx would go update the database accordingly

      When broadcaster signs off:
      In the SERVER-SIDE SCRIPT, on application.onDisconnect, I tried to do similar loadvars procedure with online set to "no", but loadvars is no good in SSAS. I did try to do this in client side, but it dies too quickly before the loadvar code is executed.

      I wonder if there is other way to accomplish the above tasks.(update a database column when broadcaster go online/offline through simply calling a aspx page with url parameters).
      Thanks in advance,