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    34" screen with secondary window?

    Scott Manthey Level 1

      I just bought a 34" wide screen curved display that has a 3840x2160 resolution and plenty of screen space to have both the main and secondary LR screens on the same monitor.  The problem is, when I bring up the secondary window it always jumps to the center of the screen, not where I last left it on the edge.  Also leaving and coming back to LR creates the same issue.  I want to be able to lock it in place on the side of this huge monitor (which I bought so I wouldn't need two displays) but I can't seem to do it.x


      How do I get it to stay where I put it?  I have LR6 cc and it is sized to fill 3/4 of the screen and I want the last 1/4 to be the secondary window.