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    Based On Master Page not showing all elements on Live Document Page

    Sue@Jump Level 1

      Setup- 2014 InDesign long Document, multiple sections.


      Multiple Master Pages - all Based On a single master Facing Page Spread. Then Left/Right singles is based on the master spread, with some elements released from the master and altered (ie changing graphic in banner and colour strips, changing text etc) Nothing out of the ordinary!

      Everything looks correct on all the Master Pages, (the facing page masters and the single left right masters) but on the Left hand live document pages, part of the banner is missing (a gradient blend).


      I am forced to revert to 2014 to get this job done, as this with the Section Marker Drop Shadow issue is unacceptable.

      Under pressure here. No time for this. Very frustrated. Not used to having such major issues with new releases.


      Does anyone else have these issues?