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    I purchased a year license for CC via the Penn State student store, but the order is not associated with my adobe account when I log in and I have not been e-mailed a product key so I can validate my information.  Where do I go from here?




      This is my first time using Adobe CC. I am a part time student and I ordered the full year subscription license from the Penn State Software store. I am a student at Pennsylvania College of Technology, they are now a affiliate of PSU.


      I bought the license, got the email that says I paid, have an order number, but I do not have a product key. I also have the same student email registered with Adobe but no order history at all when I log in.  This I get as Adobe is not necessarily communicating with PSU or PCT.

      So my question is do I just need to wait for an e-mail with the product key so I can validate that I own the license and download the programs? Or is there something I am missing that I should be doing?


      Any advise is helpful.

      Thanks in advance.


      Lana K