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    serial number too short


      I purchased Lightroom 6 DVD from B&H. When I try to register Adobe requires a 24 digit serial number, however the serial number on the box AND on the receipt is only 18 digits. I'm unable to install my purchase. What gives?

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          BKKDon Level 4



          Best to contact B&H and ask them if it is a serial or a redemption code. I believe they are both 24 characters.

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            I have the same problem you described!


            I bought 2 Lightroom 6 DVD from B&H. Both have 18 digit serial number. Adobe requires a 24 digit serial number. What did you do to get it installed?

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Did you buy LR 6 or LR CC?   Did you pay $149 or a full license, or $79 for an upgrade license or $120 for a full year subscription or some other amount?


              A LR 6 box should have a redemption code you can convert to a serial number or the actual serial number on the inside disc packaging not on the outside box that is likely a part number.


              LR serial numbers start with 1160 as the first of 24 digits, with no letters.


              Here is a webpage that should help find your serial number or redemption code if there is one:

              Redemption code help

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                johnh72872211 Level 1

                Thank you for your help!


                I bought Full LR 6 boxed version for $149 for a full license.


                I discovered the problem. The sealed box had 2 bar codes with the official Adobe seal on the back. The 18 digit I thought was a serial # is identical to what was printed on the BH Photo receipt. The first 4 digits start with 7525. Tat turned out to NOT be the serial #, despite the B&H receipt that identifies it as "Serial #".


                There is also an inner thin cardboard box that slides inside the outer box. It is very thin & tears when you pull it out of the outer box. Then there is the DVD itself in a paper sleeve. That paper sleeve contains a number, clearly not the serial #.


                Turns out the inner cardboard sleeve, upon further inspection, has the real serial # on the back side.


                Problem solved!!