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    Exif lost on export in latest version of LR CC


      Hi All,

      LR seems to have developed a problem in the last week or so in that when I resize and export a file  to upload ait  to a photographic forum, the Exif cannot be viewed on the forum using exif viewers in the browser. People have downloaded the jpeg for me from the forum , and exif seems to not be present. (I have include all metadata ticked in export dialogue) No one else reports this as an issue/ happening  to them exporting in LR on the forum

      However, the exif shows up on the file on Flickr (in their exif details tab)  and locally in windows when I access the properties of the file.

      Is this a LR issue? Only happening in last  week, only thing done to PC is one win 10 update recently

      Only think I can think of is that exported file now not compatible with exif viewers, as all correct export boxes are ticked.