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    Table stroke and cell stroke behaviour

    sPretzel Level 1



      I don't understand the behaviour of the table stroke and the cell stroke and how they interact. (Or perhaps I do but it's not what I expected.)

      Assume I have a table with several rows and one column. The table has a stroke size of 1 pt. All the columns have a stroke size of 1.5pt.

      1- Is it possible for the table's stroke to be on the inside or outside, rather than centred on the table's frame (i.e. centred on the table's border)?

      2- My first observation is that the table stroke and the cell stroke overlap. I expected the cell stroke to be within the table stroke.

      3- If I change one cell's (in one row) stroke size to 2 pt, then all the other cells in the column are shifted by 0.25 pt. The other cells stroke size remains 1.5pt but the position of the cells is shifted by 0.25 pt. I didn't expect the other cells to shift.


      Is there anywhere in Adobe's online help or a post in the forum that explains this behaviour in detail?


      This is for CS4.


      Thank you.