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    HTTP, RTMP and AMF Question

    Bill White Level 1
      From the standpoint of FDS, can I use ANY of these three protocols (RTMP, HTTP, AMF-with-polling) to get the same functionality? The documentation seems to indicate that if I use RTMP, I might have issues with firewalls AND I will find that when a user refreshes the browser, that the application reloads and a new session is created. Can I just switch over to HTTP or AMF with Polling and get all the same benefits without having to worry about firewalls and browser reloads? If I use HTTP or AMF+Polling, will I get the nice automatic client update feature where User X makes a data update and User Y's screen automatically reflects the changes? I was thinking I might just add HTTP and/or AMP-Polling to the list of channels in my Destination XML tag and avoid any of the reloading/firewall issues. Comments?