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    FireFox & FlvPlayback - buffering or load problem?

      Hi there,
      I have been banging my head on this one for days...I REALLY would appreciate some help.

      I have a flash video player - using FlvPlayback. It has the basic functionality of:
      movie playlist gets passed in as flashvars
      initially hidded in the html page (via javascript)
      when clicked to view, play the movie at the playlist index
      if the user clicks close, stop movie, increment index, hide player
      if the movie ends, increment index, hide player

      SO - all of the expected behaviors work in IE.
      In Firefox however, I'm getting some odd behavior.

      The first time you show the player, it plays ok. If you let it play ALL THE WAY THROUGH, it will close and increment just fine. 2nd movie plays ok.

      If you DONT let the first movie play through and close/hide the player, then the next time you click to view, the 2nd movie starts to load, then seems to hang... I think this is a firefox problem but am stumped on how to resolve/handle it.

      I've attached the code from the fla and you can see the movie at http://www.kdale.com/test/a4l/home_video.htm

      I would greatly appreciate anyone taking the time to assist