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    TOC text anchors missing when exporting to fixed-layout epub


      Hello everyone,


      I am working on a long document of 567 pages divided into 48 different documents all assembled in a book. All went well for the printed version of that book.

      I am now working on a fixed layout epub version of it. I created new master pages with a navigation bar containing links to different parts of the book. Wanting to play safe I started to modifie the first part, which contains the 12 first chapters of the book.

      I still want to keep a navigational TOC in the beginning of the book, as well as the TOC generated by the application.


      When I test to see if everything works properly, I get an error messages about TOC text anchors missing but only for the part I have modified!!!

      I updated the TOC several times with the options suggested previously ("TOC style exists in Style source document", "Make text anchor in source paragraph" option enabled.) But I till get the same error message and don't know how to resolve the problem, aside from creating a TOC manually with Hyperlinks (which would take forever with a document of that size.

      What is particular is that the TOC generated by the application works fine... But it is that clickable version that doesn't!

      Any suggestions would help!