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    render preview

    Sander Hegeman

      We bought Adobe CC (2015) after years using CS5.5


      It seems that After Effects has a new render/preview engine. It does not work smoothly at all. It skips audio and it gives a lot of hickups (even on a preview with quarter resolution), with light weighted 2D/shape layer animations. I cannot work with art-directors from agencies. They sit beside us and need to work in a quick pace (on a hourly rate). If they see how much we get delayed through bad performance, they might think we are unprofessional in our skills.


      Does anybody else recognize these problems? And are there solves via preferences? Also does Adobe acknowledge the problems? It's a waste of money this way and also there is no way I can get CS5.5 back or is there a way? or are there some solid alternatives for After Effects in the market, that anyone uses?