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    How to add texture to a plane

    riknela Level 1

      Hello, I'm new using Adobe Director and I need some help adding a texture. In my class we are creating a game using cards but when I tried to create a thexture whit this code:


      member("juego3d").newTexture("calabaza", #fromCastmember,member("calabaza"))

      member("juego3d").newShader("planeShader", #standard)

      member("juego3d").shader("planeShader").texture =member("juego3d").texture("calabaza")

      Ccarta1.shaderList[1] = member("juego3d").shader("planeShader")


      I have a problem whit the first line, I've already tried everything (changin the image size, the extension, even change the code) but it fails.