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    i-phone video import results in green screen instead of actual video content, audio is fine.

    scouter rick

      I’ve been transferring  videos from our i-phones to Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for years to edit them with no problems.  But the video clips I recorded on our recent New Mexico trip have a problem:  The audio track works fine, but the video track will only show a “green screen” in Adobe.  If I download it to my video files library instead of directly to Adobe, and then play it with Windows the video is upside down but plays properly otherwise!!  But if I then  use “get media” to copy it from the library  to Adobe it’s still “green screen” in Adobe!!  After we got home I recorded another short video on the i- phone and it works fine when downloaded into Adobe either directly with “get media” or from the Library!!


      What happened with the video recorded in New Mexico and how can I correct it?  HELP!!