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    move an indesign document


      Hello All

      Can anyone please tell me How to move an indesign document to  SPECIFIED PATH?

      Is there any direct method?

      Please Please Help


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          Ronald63 Level 4



          Use this ...

          var sourcePath = File('~/Desktop/foo_1.indd');
          var targetPath = File('~/Documents/foo_2.indd');


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            aviR Level 1



            Thanks for your immediate response. I will try this but through vb.net and get back to you soon.

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              aviR Level 1


              This doesnot move the document. Can u Please tell me any other method?

              Please help.

              Thank You

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                Ronald63 Level 4

                Can you post your code ...

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                  aviR Level 1

                  Dim idFiles As String = "E:\abcd\file4copy"




                              For Each GetFiles As String In My.Computer.FileSystem.GetFiles(idFiles, Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.SearchOption.SearchAllSubDirectories, "*.indd")


                                      Dim filename As String = GetFiles.Split("\").Last

                                      My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile(GetFiles, unprocessedpath + "\" + filename)

                                  Catch ex As Exception



                                  End Try



                  I am using the copy method to copy the file in the target folder. And it's working but then I want to remove or delete the original file but it's not happening.

                  doc.delete() or doc.remove() is not coming. So what can I do now? How to delete the original file? Or is there any method to completely move the file without coping?

                  Please help.


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                    Ronald63 Level 4

                    Another way from http://kasyan.ho.com.ua/snippets/file_folder.html

                    function MoveFile(myFile, myFolder) {
                        if (!myFile instanceof File || !myFolder instanceof Folder || !myFile.exists || !myFolder.exists) return false;
                        var myMovedFile = new File(myFolder.absoluteURI + "/" + myFile.name);
                        if (myMovedFile.exists) return false;
                        if (File.fs == "Windows")  {
                            var myVbScript = 'Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")\r';
                            myVbScript +=  'fs.MoveFile "' + myFile.fsName + '", "' + myFolder.fsName + '\\"';
                            app.doScript(myVbScript, ScriptLanguage.visualBasic);
                        else if (File.fs == "Macintosh") {
                            var myAppleScript = 
                            'tell application "Finder"\r' +
                            'move POSIX file "' + myFile.fsName + '"  to POSIX file "' + myFolder.fsName + '" with replacing\r' +
                            'end tell\r'
                            app.doScript(myAppleScript, ScriptLanguage.applescriptLanguage);
                        if (myMovedFile.exists) {
                            return true;
                        else {
                            return false;