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    CC icon does not respond.  Toolbar icon shows CC frame but blank.  Down loaded reinstall runs to second title - (Installin...) and aborts after 1 sec..  Cannot delete progam to re-download

    Mike Bowes

      Ok well I said it all in the title!


      The CC icon does not respond at all.  The toolbar icon responds but shows only the frame (no content).  I have tried to download and re-install, but the installation aborts after the initialisation phase, following a Norton check (OK) and Windows  "Permission" tile, about a second later.


      I tried to delete the program to reinstall, but no luck - "Other programs need this program"I


      I have been using CC for about a year.


      Clue - I recently had to re-set the security on my Router and Repeater - someone has been using my access.