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    UnTag TextFrames with JavaScript


      Hey Guys,


      I am trying to look through all frames in my document and determine if they are tagged with a "copy" tag. If they are, I want to create an XML structure, and remove it's associated copy tag. This was working until yesterday. I woke up and it started saying, "myTextFrames[i].untag is not a function. I have spent a few hours trying to figure out why and I cannot. I was hoping you guys had some ideas. Thanks! -Nathan


      var myTextFrames = app.activeDocument.textFrames;

      var myTextFramesNo = myTextFrames.length;



      for (i = 0; i < myTextFramesNo; i++)



      if (myTextFrames[i].properties.associatedXMLElement.markupTag.name == "copy")


      //create structure