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    HELP! InDesign CC2015 running S-L-O-W


      It seemed to come out of the blue... I launched InDesign CC2015 about a week ago, version, and about every 3-5 seconds it freezes up for 3-5 seconds, and then runs for 3-5 seconds, then freezes for 3-5 seconds and on and on. Needless to say it makes working very difficult.


      What I have done in the last 5 days:


      • I've reinstalled ID twice
      • Trashed the preferences, many times
      • Turned off Creative Cloud
      • Scoured the forums for a solution


      I'm on a 2015 27in iMac, Yosemite 10.10.5

      3.5 GHz Intel Core id

      24 GM memory


      With this computer there shouldn't be a performance issue. This seems to only be happening to InDesign. I do have ID 2014 installed, but would like to an answer since I would have to down save in order to work on stuff, and I have a lot of stuff to work on.

      Any advice/solution would be appreciated.

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          paulw29393012 Level 1

          Pretty much the same issue we've experienced in our studio.



          After installing the recent Apple & Adobe updates (Yosemite 10.10.5 and Adobe CC on some of our Macs, InDesign became very laggy to use in general. Illustrator and Photoshop also seem to be affected, though not so badly as InDesign.


          I believe it's the Apple Yosemite 10.10.5 update that broke things here, not the Adobe CC update... for us at least.  I say this because some of our Macs don't yet have the Apple update installed, but they do have the .122 Adobe CC update, and they work fine.  Our other Macs however, with both updates, were clobbered.


          All the Macs are identical hardware (latest iMacs, same versions and configs) and are on the same network, so we can rule out any issues there.  Even a clean installed 10.10.5 system with only CC clean installed immediately showed the problem (so clearly no prefs issues) and none of the other recommended fixes worked.



          Anyway, if, like us, you're finding the fixes already around the web just don't work (or at best don't stick for long), try these three simple steps that work for us...


          The work-around...

          First, if any CC apps are currently open or have been running at all since your last Startup, do a Restart now.  A clean slate to begin!




          1. Disconnect from the internet.  Any method will do... either unplug the network cable or, in Sys Prefs/Network, turn off Ethernet or Wi-Fi, or uncheck any proxy server settings (in Advanced, Proxies), whichever of these methods is appropriate for your setup.  If you're unsure whether you've definitely disconnected, try accessing any web page in your browser as a test.

          2. Launch the CC app.  (Best to launch all of the big 3 CC apps (ID, AI, PS) at this point, if you use them all)

          3. Re-connect to the internet (good news - you can now continue using it as normal, as well as the CC apps).

          Now it's been launched like this, try using ID (or PS or AI) again.  Faster??  This fix should keep working for as long as you keep the app(s) opened.



          If the above work-around makes a noticeable difference for you too, I can show you how the 3 steps can be easily automated via a small script and a Login Item to launch it, to avoid the repeated hassle of applying the fix.



          More about the problem...

          I've confirmed the CC apps (ID, AI & PS so far) each try to establish internet connections (to Adobe presumably) in the background at launch time only.  By effectively preventing these initial connections via the above steps, the lag issues disappear.  The apps appear to function without any unwanted side effects.


          Only a short & temporary disconnection from the internet is needed, i.e. until the apps have finished launching, so no great disruption to normal working.


          Our Macs are within a corporate WAN, hence connected to the internet via proxy servers and firewalls etc. However, only those Macs with OS X 10.10.5 are affected, even though all Macs are on the same network setup and have the same CC version, so logic would suggest neither the network nor CC is responsible for the problem.


          I'm not sure whether the above work-around would prevent synching to the CC Cloud etc, since we aren't using that so haven't tested it.  However, as Adobe CC Desktop still re-establishes its internet connection and Adobe sign-ins are unaffected, I guess synching may not be a problem after all (?).  Anyway, no harm in trying, if you do need synching.



          Until Apple unbreak this in OS X (don't hold your breath!), we'll carry on with this work-around in the meantime.


          I'd be most interested to know whether the above also works for anyone else.


          Good luck! :-)