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    Super slowing loading in Develop all of a sudden..


      I have a Mac os X 10.9... I am using LR 4.4..


      I have an album I was working on last night with 1600 photos in it. I have 5 star'd 253 of them and are working on editing those photos... Everything was working just fine last night.


      This morning, I open LR, select the album and specify the selection of 5 star photos... and now when I go from photo to photo it is taking almost 30 seconds per photo to "load". Normally it would only take 5 seconds at the most. I am working in the develop mode. (and things are loading at a good speed in Library mode)


      About this album-

      There are videos

      There has been a preset applied on import.


      (* But all of that was the same the last week, and last night while I was working on these photos- nothing has changed, except LR's performance.)


      What could have possibly happened overnight that would change the operations SO drastically?!?! And please tell me what I can do to fix this horrible problem... I still have to go through another 247 photos....


      Thanks in advance for your help! Greatly appreciated.