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    Lightroom cc freezes in develop mode (Windows 10 Issue)

    caeccles Level 1

      Since upgrading to Windows 10 on my laptop, Lightroom cc continually freezes in Develop module.  It isn't a consistent freeze as sometimes I can actually process an image or two.  I do not experience any issues in Library mode nor do I have problems in Library mode when using the quick presets.  It is only when I click on Develop in the menu or select a preset in the develop module.


      The screen usually has some split to it or will go black, complete.  I can minimize the window, and when I mouse over the icon in the tray I can see that there are some processes that LR is attempting to apply ("shadow", "bevel").   I have tried to let the system work through the issue, but it ends up with "Not Responding" with the only option of ending the process.  I can then reopen LR without any issues and continue work.


      I keep hearing from other LR forums that LR techs have tested LR with Windows 10 without any issues.  However, I am also seeing other users complaining about the same effect (freezing, hanging, etc.).  I have not yet installed Photoshop, as I don't want to cause more errors.  I do have screen snaps