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    Lightroom CC when I try to edit in Photoshop CC opens Photoshop but does not bring up the photo to ediy!

    Jack II

      By clicking on Photo Edit in Photoshop 2015 I could edit a TIF copy of the photo I had gone as far as I could with Lightroom. This worked fine two days ago, but now Photoshop opens, but the picture I want to edit never opens up. If I select editing in Photoshop Elements it opens a in PE with a PSD file. It has also been acting slow and cranky lately. I lost some files in the process, but wasn't able to recover them after putting a lot of wok into them in Photoshop. Had to use RescuePro from Sandisk to get them off the card, but all recovered.


      Will installing a 4 TB hybrid drive help with the speed and cranky issues?


      I am using a Dell Inspiron PC with windows 7 Home Edition Premium, 8 GB memory and two 2 TB hard drives. The processor is a Intel i5 Quad core.


      Any help would be appreciated.