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    Locate files


      My "Washington D.C." Lightroom 5 folder is greyed out with "?"on the folder. All images In the folder are displayed but are marked with "!." Clicking on "!" prompts question "do I want to locate file" and lists a previous location which is the correct location which has never changed. When I respond yes to the question of locating the file I am shown finder, locate the file, and click "choose." At that point the message is "the file is associated with another photo in the catalog. Each file can only be associated with one photo." The photos are in "Previous import" and one of the files is in the folder "Already in Catalog."


      How do I recover? Should I delete the greyed out "Washington D.C." folder? If so, how do I do that safely? Then I could do another import. What then happens with files in "previous import?"