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    How to create stopwatch


      I am new to After Effects CC. I am making a skills video of a softball player and I need a stopwatch that will pop up in the corner of the screen and show how fast she runs from home to first. I have searched the web but come up empty. Can anyone give me a walkthrough on how to do this? I need it to overlay the main video with probably a black box background behind it so it shows up well. I also need it to time delay where it shows 0:0 for a few seconds and then at the end I need it to freeze frame so her time stays up on the screen for say 3 seconds. I know how to time delay in premiere but can't find any info on this for AE. And I know premiere has the timecode function but it won't work for me b/c it doesn't count off tenths of a second like I need it to. It counts frames so it runs up to 24 for 24fps video and then rolls over to each second. If I didn't need tenths of a second I could do it easy in Premiere but oh well. Any help is greatly appreciated.