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    Deciding on an iMac - processor vs graphics card for Sony XAVC-L codec


      I am trying to decide which iMac to buy that will work best for editing XAVC-L codec (Sony).  Does anyone know when using Premiere Pro whether this particular codec is being deciphered by the processor or by the graphics card on an iMac (using Yosemite).  I have to decide between i7 or i5 processor and NVIDIA vs. AMD Radeon graphics card (can't afford to do both of them so want to err on upgrading what will be working harder to get the job done).  So far I have been playing around with different configurations and have found that there seems to be red flashes when viewing the footage (and really do not want to transcode since there is a lot of footage).  Has anyone worked successfully with this codec?  Anyone found any problems doing so - and any fixes? Thanks so much .... 1st post to this forum!