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    Library / Develop Modules Look Different and Exports Don't Include Edits


      I know this has been covered in various forms, but this issue just arose for us today.


      The photos in my Lightroom Library and Develop modules look different. Also, when exporting jpgs, the exported jpgs don't retain the changes made to the images in the develop module. That's kind of the bigger issue really, since it means the only edits I can do to photos is if I open them in Photoshop.


      I've been reading the past hour about color spaces and all this stuff, but we haven't changed anything as far as we know, and that stuff seems to complicated for us to have changed by accident. As of yesterday this wasn't an issue. Obviously something must have changed, but we can't figure out what.


      We've done dozens and dozens of large shoots over the last year with no issues like this. Today is the first time its happened. Any ideas what's going on? The imported files are raws from a Nikon D800 BTW.

      Thank you.