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    Why is chartItem.itemrenderer == null during effect?

      I'm using the itemRollOver and itemRollOut events of a BarSeries to affect the bars themselves by making them slightly transparent:

      private function mouseOutHandler(event:ChartItemEvent, chart:ChartBase):void {
      event.hitData.chartItem.itemRenderer.alpha = 1;

      private function mouseOverHandler(event:ChartItemEvent, chart:ChartBase):void {
      event.hitData.chartItem.itemRenderer.alpha = .5;

      I've also set a SeriesInterpolate as the showDataEffect for the BarSeries. Both work fine separately, but if the effect is running and I mouse over one of the bars, it throws an error saying Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

      Through a series of trace statements, I determined that the null object reference was event.chartItem.itemRenderer. I have no idea why that reference goes null during the effect. Anyone know why or have an idea for a workaround?