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    How to create shaow 3D in that scene?

    AdobeIdUser2 Level 1

      Hi, this time will be short because I am a foreigner.


      That is my scene, my text is 3D.
      I mad it like that:

      1. Used "Camera tracker" to my movie

      2. Right mouse button clicked and select 'Create Text and Camera'.

      3. Then I use plugin called "Element 3D" and extruded that text to better, nicer  3D look

      4. Now I have my text moving like camera but I don't know how to add a shadow


      Just look below legs of that people, there is a shadow. But in my case (blue text) there is no shadow and that looks like awful.




      I try using effect like "drop shadow" and it didn't help (because there is no that effect for 3D style).

      I also try to create a  "Light", set "cast shadow" option and in a TEXT layer activate options like "cast shadow" etc. But nothing works.



      Please, do you know how can I add shadow to my text?