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    combining slideshow with video

    bordstiff Level 1

      I have created a slideshow in Elements 7 and wish to add it to a video created with Premiere 13. Is this possible, if so how?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          You appear to have duplicated your thread.


          One of them has already been answered

          combining slideshow with video


          Please continue the discussion in the other thread. A moderator typically closes the thread that we are in now. Please do not duplicate thread since it gets confusing to the person asking the question as well as to the people trying to reply.


          This is not Adobe, rather user to user. And, as user to user, we try to respond as soon as possible to each thread. We are visitors who come and go according to our personal schedules.





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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            FYI before I lock this thread


            The Jive software and/or servers are having a problem (several problems, probably related) which the current thinking (among Mods and Adobe staff) says is caused by the Jive server "nodes" not being synchronized


            Problem one is that "nodeA" and "nodeB" are not talking to each other consistently, so a message is propagated through the system by BOTH nodes, not one node to every other node


            Problem two is that a reply may be posted, but stay "invisible" until another reply is posted to the same question, and then BOTH messages appear


            Problem three is that the message count on a forum overview page is not incrementing when a reply is posted to a question, so the overview page shows 0 replies where there are actually 1 or more replies


            This has all been reported to Jive by the forum Administrator... but no report back from Jive on a fix

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              John T Smith


              Thank you and the moderators for pursuing these issues. Good job.


              Periodically I have been running into the issue where the ID's post appears in my home Email Inbox (email notification) but not in the thread actually appearing in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum. The other day it took about 6 hours before the post (seen in my Email Inbox) presented in the ID's thread in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum.


              Any chance of the post count/thread moderation situation to go away?


              Thanks for the input on this.