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    Why does flash insert white frames at the beginning of embedded video?


      I'm trying to animate on top of a video, so I imported a video with external playback (layer 1) and then put together my animations (layer 2) in the proper places in the timeline.  The problem is when I test/export the movie, layer 2 plays like it should, but layer 1 (the video layer) starts with a random number of white frames in the beginning (anywhere from 10-40), and then the video starts.  This really screws up the timing for my animations, and I can't figure out how to fix it.  I tried just counting how many frames it was skipping and then just compensating by making my animations begin later, but the number of white frames is variable every time I test/export.


      I thought maybe this was just a Flash CC 2015 problem, but I installed Flash CC 2014 and it does the same thing,



      Anyone having similar issues with embedded video?