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    Adobe Indesign CC2015 packaging problem on OS-X: No NTFS permissions applied to linked files


      All the iMacs I look after have recently started showing this behavior in InDesign CC2015:


      When creating a package in Indesign CC2015, saving it across to a network share hosted on a Windows Server 2012R2 file server, the files in the link folder have no NTFS permissions, and as such cannot be read by anyone.

      The network share is hidden, so we use the dollar sign to access it, eg,




      This only happens if the target folder for saving the packaged files is secured using the 'Authenticated Users' built in group from Active Directory on the ACL of the folder.


      If I add the user, or a security group that the user is a member of directly to the target folder's ACL, the packaging works fine.


      All other files, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, anything, works just fine with the Authenticated Users group providing modiify permissions on the ACL only. It's just packaging files in Indesign where I see this behavior.


      PCs running CC2015 are not affected.


      We've had the permissions set this way for years, and the problem has only come up since one of the following events: 1) Migrated to a new 2012R2 file server or 2) Upgraded the clients to OS-X Yosemite, or 3) Upgraded to CC2015. All three of those things happened with about a 6 week period, so it's hard to pin down the culprit.


      Now that we have a fix, I'm not too bothered, but I'm posting this as it may help someone else troubleshooting the issue, and maybe the guys at Adobe could replicate the issue and come up with a patch.