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    HP z640 workstation?


      Hi all,


      So i posted here before about what system to choose for 4k editing (Premiere), and now i saw the HP workstation: 640 and thinking it looks quite interesting.


      I have an option to choose between:


      custom build pc:

      ASRock X99 Extreme3

      Intel Core i7-5930k

      Samsung SM951 512GB SSD

      2 x 2TB HDD Seagate 7200rpm (in RAID 0)

      32 GB DDR4 Crucial 2400Mhz

      Gigabyte GTX 980ti 6gb

      Cooler Master CM 690 III Closed

      Coolermaster Hyper T4

      € 2000,00


      Or the z640:

      Intel® Xeon® E5-2630 v3 (2,4 GHz, 20 MB cache, 8 cores, Intel® vPro™)

      16 GB 2133MHz DDR4 ECC (2 x 8 GB)HP

      Z Turbo Drive 256 GB PCIe SSD

      AMD w5100 4gb (will change it to a GTX or something later).

      € 2725,00


      So i know on paper the custom build looks more impressive in specs, but i thought that maybe the z640 might be the best choice because it's very upgradable and more worth for long term use.

      What i like about the z640 is it's build quality, the fact you can add DDR4 ram till 256gb!! (for future ofcourse), Dual core possibility, Thunderbolt for external drives and amazing support (if something wrong they come to fix it the next day).


      So i know the Custom build PC does shine in specs, but will i be able to work with the z640 for 4k in Premiere, like how the specs are as above?


      I really can't make a decision!

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          If you add a 980Ti to the Z640, the price difference is way more 60%, say a premium of € 1500.

          The Z640 is way slower, anything over 32 GB memory is not (yet) used by PR and the build quality depends on the builder.


          The Z640 is a sure way to empty your wallet with far less performance to show for it. Get the i7 system.

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            you could have just added this to your other recent post, instead of creating a new thread...


            workstation grade is better build quality and service over desktop grade, but at a premium, often 2x the cost. mostly coming down to the service as high quality parts can be used in custom desktop build. parts like the asus x99-E WS workstation motherboard close the gap on quality. hdd's and power supplies are the most common failures. enterprise hdd's are available for desktop builds, but ssd's like samsungs have some of the lowest failure rates of all. you can pick a high quality power supply and even buy a spare if that worried about it. workstation vs desktop is your decision.


            thunderbolt can be done on custom built system, if the motherboard supports an expansion card. like the asus x990-e ws and asus thunderboltEXII expansion card.


            for the cpu, you will want at least the E5-2640 v3 cpu for its higher base clock

            for ram, you will need more to feed the extra cores, so 32gb minimum.

            odds are by the time we need over 64gb for the i7 and premiere pro, we will be onto another computer build and larger memory sticks will be available.

            the z turbo drive from hp sounds nice, but last i checked, its older m.2 tech, so you are paying a premium for older slower tech vs intel 750 or samsung sm951.

            price is over 2x custom build price at usa website, and that doesn't include the cost of the gtx card.


            if you somehow managed to get the hp z640 for close to the custom build price, then yes, the ability to add another cpu later would be nice. unless there is some break-thru with intel cpu's in the near future, the dual cpu option would keep that workstation relevant for several years. however the larger price tag could also buy a faster i7-5960x cpu for the desktop build. due to the performance loss in dual cpu, the i7-5960x could perform within 15% performance of dual e5-2630 v3 and 30% performance of the dual e5-2640 v3, but at a significantly lower price.

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              Taramundi Level 1

              Thanks for your view on this, really appreciate it!


              It's my 3rd post ever on this forum, so excuses for extra thread.


              So i think the best option for me is to go for a custom build. Indeed i already told the builder i want a 5960x instead of the 5930k.

              I'm also wondering what's the difference between de x99 Extreme3 and Extreme4?


              So here comes the next and hopefully the last question:


              For almost the same price (€300,00 more) i can buy an Alienware Area 51 (gaming) pc from the Dell website with the same processor (special action till august 27):

              Alienware Area 51

              Intel® Core™ i7-5960X processor

              NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 4 GB

              4 TB HDD (7.200 rpm) + 512 GB SSD

              32 GB Quad Channel DDR4 2.133 MHz


              I'm not really into gaming but this doesn't seem to look a lot different than the custom build specs:


              The custom build specs are:

              AsRock x99 Extreme3


              Samsung SM951 512GB

              2 x 2TB Seagate (in Raid 0)

              32gb DDR4 Crucial 2400Mhz

              GTX 980ti 6gb


              This pc searching gives me a headache for 3 days now, so i hope i can make a final decision and continue with my work


              What shall i do?

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                that alienware only has gtx 970. unless it has high watt power supply, the gpu upgrade options might be limited. i believe those alienware motherboards have only 4 memory slots, so no option to upgrade to 64gb later. the cpu cooler is a small all-in-one water cooler. this means it will perform worse than big air coolers at overclocking. it will also be nosier and adds risk of leading coolant onto the system and destroying it. these i7's need to be overclocked with a good cooler, to get the most out of their price tag.


                the big differences i see between the two are the extreme3 only has 4 memory slots, where extreme4 has 8 slots. the extreme4 is going to overclock better too.

                ASRock > X99 Extreme3

                ASRock > X99 Extreme4


                both are listed as supported for the asrock thunderbolt card

                ASRock > Thunderbolt 2 AIC


                if you are worried about quality, you will want asus or gigabyte over asrock.

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                  drloksoft Level 1

                  Kind of funny. I've just bought the X99MExtreme4 by Asrock and realized it has only 4 memory slots ... Make sure you do not buy the M release.

                  My mistake ...

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                    Taramundi Level 1

                    Oh that's a bummer! Thanks for the tip!

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                      Silicon Pixel Level 1

                      I'd never buy ASRock again - had so many issues in the past with a few ASRock mainboards. They may have improved though, that was a couple of years ago.

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                        drloksoft Level 1

                        I'm quite ok with the Asrock itself, but I'd like to have more tweaking options, hence I've just bought the Asrock X99 OC Formula Intel X99. It can manage more power for fans etc (up to 1300W) and has more cooling parts attached to the mainboard.


                        See more info's on my latest changes in this thread: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1937530