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    Presenter, when publishing. gets hung up one Powerpoint slide and creates multiple copies of the same slide (hundreds) until I stop the process


      Running Presenter 8 in Powerpoint (Office Professional 2013). When I publish my Powerpoint file, Presenter gets hung up on one slide and just creates copy after copy of the same slide. A 40 slide Powerpoint file will end up with hundreds of slides and I have to Cancel the process. It's not even the first slide that this happens with, but it's usually on of the early slides.  I can successfully publish the same file on another machine. I had problems with my laptop and recently needed to have Window reinstalled.  I went from Windows 8 to 8.1. This problem with Presenter did not exist on my laptop before the Windowd reinstall.  Maybe it's a setting somewhere?  Any help will be greatly appreciated, I have a deadline coming up. And I had Office repaired, and uninstalled and reinstalled Presenter but that didn't help.