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    Can we?

      Run a query out of a ValueList(MyField, ";") variable? My value liste is set like <cfset MyVariable = ValueList(MyField, ";") >

      Or transform the value liste to some king of ??? that can by queried after?
        • 1. Can we?
          craigkaminsky Level 3
          The ValueList function requires a query to be used, so I'm not sure why you might need to reconvert it to a query again. However, you can transform the ValueList back to a Query object. I attached some code to this post that:
          1. Runs a fake query on US States
          2. Converts the name column from the query into a list with ValueList()
          3. Create a new Query with the QueryNew() function
          4. Loop over the list, adding the new row and column information
          5. Do a QoQ to extract, sort, etc.

          You can also look into some of the List functions (converting the list to an array, sorting the array, searching within the list, etc.).

          Hope that helps!
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            TommyMTL Level 1
            OK, I get the concept and I can play with that.

            Now, is their a way to evaluate 2 queries and display only what is not the same.

            What I need to do is to evaluate what have been changes from the same table before and after an unpdate true a form.

            This is why I've been creating ValuList before the update and an other one after the update, obviouselly, both ValueList containe information that are the same but I need to display the one that are not either if they've been added, change or delete.