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    Replacing Non-Unicode Glyphs??




      I have inserted some glyphs before assigning their Unicode values in my font, now I gave all these glyphs their correct Unicode records, however when trying to replace those were inserted before the alteration, the "^+" mark shows in the dialog box instead of the glyph itself and InDesign still considering them as Non-Unicode when first inserted.


      What to do? (ID v9.1ME)





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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          I do not know what "^+" means, but I can see it if I copy a character that has no Unicode value from ID text into the Find/Change Text tab.  If I copy it into the GREP tab I get the corresponding "~+", which I can't find in Peter Kahrel's wonderful GREP in InDesign.  However, at least as far back as IDCS4 ID has offered Find/Change by Glyph, which works differently.  If a select a character I know has only a GlyphID and no Unicode value (say, 11615 in Kozuka Gothic Pro), that will be highlighted in the Glyphs Panel.  Hovering there shows 4 dashes, confirming the absence of a Unicode value; right-clicking offers to "Load Glyph in Find" (or in Change, for that matter) and calls up the Glyph tab in Find/Change.


          Or you can choose the Glyph tab in Find/Change yourself, fill in the family and style for your font, and then change the ID: field to show GID/CID.  You may be able to get the ID no. you need from an old version of the font.  Or if you left the old, un-encoded glyph in the installed version of the font you can click on the right-pointing triangle after "Glyph:" and scroll through to find it.


          Good luck!


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            Hacen Level 1

            David! You rock!


            You did helped me a lot tonight and got my problem solved!


            You have been a lifesaver, thank you