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    Publish Online - Finding the Unicorns

    boba62213580 Level 1

      Hello, first time poster.



      First I love the new Publish Online (Preview) feature. It is frankly the best for design magazine publishing, with crisp vectors and no degradation. 


      I usually don't post if I can do my research online and find it, figure out, tinker, or break it myself. However I have scoured the net and can't find anything on 2 seemingly unicorn topics.



      1. Is there a good tutorial (or template) on the soft glossy open magazine page effects? As seen on other online competitor websites where you upload a pdf and it applies the effect automatically.


      2. Although the default animation effects for pages are ok, and work. Like right to left transitions. Cant use the SWF method to Publish online and interactive PDF doesn't work either.  Is there a trick/workaround/tutorial/user made animation I'm missing to get a page flip comparable to the competitor websites? From my research it seems like an ongoing missing feature or issue dating back 10+years or more.  


      Thanks for any help and/or guidance on these two subjects which I believe would greatly help the community in their online publishing efforts.