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    Building an Authorize.net payment gateway

    gigasaurus Level 1
      I need to build an Authorize.net payment gateway in CF. I'm fairly experienced in CF, but I need a little help. I downloaded the authorize.net developers PDF. Just so I understand the basic architecture, I am going to be collecting variables on a secure page and sending them to a specific page on authorize.net. Then Authorize.net will do its thing, and send me back some variables.

      Is authorize.net going to send these back to the same page that does the sending (and basically reload the page?)

      The documentation also says the response fields will be "comma delimited" and "not encapsulated" - In general I'm used to variables being sent as either form or url variables. My guess is that Authorize.net has a selection of "optional" variables you can send them, and that it returns you one big form variable that's comma delimited, and its up to you to pull the information out of that bundle.

      Is there someone with experience with this that could shed a little light on the process (and maybe even a little code).

      I would very much appreciate it.