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    One dynamic drop down

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      Hi everyone.

      I have a page that has 2 dynamic drop down menus in that depending what is selected in the first drop down will display certain criteria in the 2nd drop down. I have this working in one table just fine, but then I tried it in another table and I can't get the code to work for some reason. I can choose the first drop down menu, but then it has a timed out error that displays after I make my first choice. I can't see the Cold Fusion error, so I'm not sure what's wrong. Here's what I have in my table called Elastomer_Cut_Size:


      Column Name                    Data Type

      ItemID                                   Int

      Elastomer Part_Number     nvarchar(50)

      X_mm                                   Int

      Y_mm                                   Int

      Elastomer_Cost                    Money

      Cutting_Cost                         Money

      K_Factor                            numeric(18,1)

      Sell_Price                              Money


      Here's the code I have:


      <!--- store the selected Main_Group variable variable after the first select boxes submits itself --->

      <cfif isDefined('form.select_Elastomer_Part_Number')>

          <cfset page.select_Elastomer_Part_Number = form.select_Elastomer_Part_Number>



        <form name="DropDown" method="post">

        <!--- query DB for the first drop down list --->

        <cfquery name="get_Elastomer_Part_Number" datasource="#application.DataSource#">

           SELECT DISTINCT Elastomer_Part_Number

           FROM Elastomer_Cut_Size

           ORDER BY Elastomer_Part_Number


        <!--- first drop down list --->

        <!--- NOTICE the onChange javascript event in the select tag, this is what submits the form after the first selection --->

        <select name="select_Elastomer_Part_Number" required="yes" onchange="this.form.submit()">

           <option>Select Part Number</option>

           <!--- dynamically populate the first drop down list based on the get_Part_Number query --->

           <!--- NOTICE the CFIF within the option tag, this says, if the first selection has been made, display the chosen option when the page reloads --->

           <cfloop query="get_Elastomer_Part_Number">

               <option value="#Elastomer_Part_Number#" <cfif isDefined('form.select_Elastomer_Part_Number')><cfif form.select_Elastomer_Part_Number eq "#Elastomer_Part_Number#">selected</cfif></cfif>>#Elastomer_Part_Number#</option>




      <!--- if the first selection has been made, display the second drop down list with the appropriate results --->

      <cfif isDefined('page.select_Elastomer_Part_Number')>

         <!--- query DB for second drop down list, based on the selected item from the first list --->

         <cfquery name="get_Y" datasource="#application.DataSource#">

              SELECT DISTINCT Y_mm

              FROM Elastomer_Cut_Size

              WHERE Elastomer_Part_Number = #page.select_Elastomer_Part_Number#

              ORDER BY Y_mm


         <!--- second drop down list --->

         <select name="select_Y" required="yes">

            <option>Select Y</option>

            <!--- dynamically populate the second drop down list based on the get_X query --->

            <cfloop query="get_Y">

               <option value="#Y_mm#">#Y_mm#</option>








      Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? When I try to run a query for the 2nd drop down is when I have problems.I actually don't even need another drop down to display. I just want whatever part number is chosen in the first drop down, to run a calculation. Each part number has a different calcualation. I can get this to work if I just choose a Part number and display some text under the cfif isDefined('page.select_Elastomer_Part_Number'). But if I try to put a CFQuery after this isDefined, the timed out error displays. Can someone please help me? Thanks.


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          jamie61880 Level 1

          I think I know why this isn't working. I need both drop down menus to be numbers. It doesn't work if I choose a part number first and then a dimension number. The Part Number has letters and numbers. How do I just be able to choose a part number in a drop down menu and then depending what was chosen, it will run a calculation for that part number?