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    Newbie questions


      I am creating a series of video lectures with some animations.

      I thought the best solution was to take my video from premiere pro and bring it into after effects to add slides, animations, and text boxes.

      My 3 minute video rendered as 14 gig and plays back as an mov very choppy.

      I have spent hours watching tutorials on AE and how to do it, how to render properly, etc...

      What am I doing wrong?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      thank you.

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          StormyCPb Level 3

          AE is much happier using image sequences rather than one massive .mov file to haul around. I'd export your premiere pro as a tiff or png sequence, then render your audio file separately (preferably a .wav) and import those into AE. Make sure you have 'image sequence' check box selected on import and also that the image seq is the right fps as it defaults to a value. You can do this either before importing by going into the preferences options and changing the import image seq to the correct fps, or after import by right clicking on the imported seq in the Project window > interpret footage > then change the fps from there, but be aware that by doing this second option means that if you import another image seq, you'll have to do the same thing. The first 'preferences' option will be applied to the rest of any future importing...

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            sasenzon Level 1

            Thanks this is helpful.

            Would it be simpler to just create a short composition in AE and then just place that as a layer in Premiere pro over the video?

            Then I would just be creating short 3-10 second sequences, one at a time.

            I am not making a major movie just a talking head lecture.

            In the past I have done these with camtasia but I prefer creating the animations and the other functions for design in AE.

            Thanks again.

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              sasenzon Level 1

              Thank you Dave.

              So does it seem like I am using these Pr and Ae in an optimal workflow?

              I have 400 videos to produce. Each one is from 1-5 minutes long. I want to use my time and my processor most efficiently.

              Is it best to dynamically link the whole clip into AE to create the animations or should I do those each separately and import them as layers?

              Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                Try a test run.  Use Dynamicfor the two-way betseen the EDITED (no effects) video and after effects.  If you like how it works, you're set.

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                  Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

                  It's interesting that you have never stated, nor has anyone asked what settings you are using to render your video.  I make short HD-720 (1280 x 720) video's for an online company.

                  I render as uncompressed quicktime and then encode them in Media Encoder as quicktime/h.264-progressive with a bitrate of 5,000.


                  I don't see how anyone can be helping you without even knowing the settings you're using to render your videos.

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                    sasenzon Level 1

                    Thanks. I believe those are the settings I used as well. Also with media encoder.

                    The latest clip - I just created short 10 second compositions and then dragged those into premiere pro.

                    It seems easier to it this way. Learning as I go. I appreciate the help.