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    keying my shape to animate it, is unwantingly distorting it


      Here is my auto-traced (then cleaned up) shape.

      Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.51.57 PM.png


      Here is my resulting graphic

      Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.56.45 PM.png

      Everything works well, until I try to apply keyframes.  The starting keyframe is fine, but as soon as I move my image to the end point, or even just scrub the playhead in the timeline, my shape breaks  - always and only on the curves.  Here is an example:


      Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.22.40 PM.png


      When I go back to my traced shape, this is what it looks like:


      Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.23.23 PM.png


      I am using a late 2013 mac pro with 29gb of ram dedicated to After Effects.  I have ditched five projects and started over from scratch.  I used auto trace, I used pen tool trace, I tried more points on the arcs and less points on the arcs.  I shut my computer down and restarted, I cleaned my AE cache, I deleted my AE cache, I dedicated 1TB of AE cache on a promise raid.  I tried locking the traced layer, I tried keying it in the timeline by moving it numerically, I tried moving it with the camera tool - everything yields the same result.  Obviously I am missing something obvious here.  Please help?


      Thank you,