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    RemoveMenu, not working

    DrDaveJ Level 1

      Whether I AutoRun at startup, or wait and run manually when needed,

      I add a menu to the main menu bar with this:

      //Create menu

      var myMenu = DefineMenu("Daves_ScriptingMenu", "Dave's Scripts");

      //Get the main FM document menu, so we can

      //add our custom menu, then add it.

      var fmMenu = app.GetNamedMenu ("!MakerMainMenu");

      fmMenu.AddMenuToMenu (myMenu);

      . . . I add commands, etc. that are working.


      The problem is removing the menu when I don't want it there.

      I'm trying this code. It appears to run, but nothing happens. And there are no

      messages generated in the Console.

      Notice I tried using the menu name as well as its label.


      //Get the main FM document menu, and then remove custom menu.

      var fmMenu = app.GetNamedMenu ("!MakerMainMenu");

      //Using Label

      RemoveMenu(fmMenu, "Dave's Scripts");

      //Using Name

      //RemoveMenu(fmMenu, "Daves_ScriptingMenu");




      Can I get a hint as to what's up here?