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    Rollover items don't show?

      When I am using Captivate to record, it doesnt seem to capture items that I have rolled over. For example, I may rollover an icon, which shows a descriptive text label, but when I view the captivate file, its not there. Can I make rollover content show up after recording?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi AZAlan

          One way to do this after you have recorded is to grab screen captures of the rollover items. Then you open the slide where they should appear and click Insert > Rollover Image. Specify the image(s) you captured. Then size the rollover area where you need it to be.

          If you click Options > Recording Options... followed by the Edit Settings... button to the right of the recording mode, have you tried enabling "Convert tooltips to rollover captions"? Maybe that will do some of what you need?

          Cheers... Rick
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            AZAlan Level 1
            I understand the work-around of taking screens and importing those back into captivate....but is it true then that Captivate cannot capture rollover content exactly as it is displayed? If so, it seems odd and I am curious why....
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              AZAlan Level 1
              Using F9 solved this problem. Thanks!