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    Audio Playback Trouble in PE10

    Jerry Mann Level 1

      (I am reposting as my first posting of the question seems to have been deleted. Sorry if some of you see it twice.)


      Hi, I am really stuck while trying to get a project into a client. Any suggestions are appreciated.


      I am having an audio playback problem when trying to edit in Premiere Elements 10. This trouble has not occurred before. I have edited on this system as recently as May, 2015, with no trouble. What happens is during playback of the timeline, the audio will cut out and back on, sort of randomly, but sometimes I can predict when it will begin to cut out. I render the timeline, and it begins to play the work area and after a few seconds begins this trouble. It seems to become a problem when I have multiple edits in the timeline. The video plays back as good as it ever did. Just the audio cutting out is making it impossible to edit.


      I am on a 2008 iMac Core Duo, OS 10.6, 2 GB RAM, 250 HD with 60GB free. ** Setup: Source files are on an external RAID1 with 2TB (1.9TB free) and connected via Firewire 800. All scratch files were set to default location in my Movies folder within the Adobe Premiere Projects folder. I am using footage from a DSLR (Canon 5Dmii) and have all the project settings the same as I ever have.


      I have tried these solutions... in no particular order:

      Deleting and re-importing media. Cleaning the Media Cache Database. Moving all media onto iMac and disconnecting the RAID. Opened up space on the HD on the iMac from 26GB to 60GB, emptying the trash. Moving the editing to my Macbook Pro (2010) that runs OS10.6, using same setup as above (**) . Moving all scratch disc files to the RAID, except for Project file and Audio Previews, staying on iMac. Restarting, quitting, turning off Bluetooth mouse, unplugging headphones and any other peripherals. Kicking, screaming, swearing...


      What gets me is this is not something that has happened before. There are no significant changes to my system. I did upgrade with a new 4 TB RAID recently, moving all my still photos off the 2TB, deleting everything, and then putting these video files on the old 2TB.


      Thanks for any help!


      PS: I know... ancient PE version, but it is what I have until I upgrade to a new Mac that can take the CC.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Jerry Mann


          Thanks for the details of your issue using Premiere Elements 10 Mac. What video card/graphics card does your computer use?


          You say that the project settinga before and now are the same. Nonetheless, what is the project preset and the properties of the source media?

          Can we assume that you have H.264.mov 1920 x 1080p30 file on your Timeline and that your project preset =




          DSLR 1080p30@29.97 ?


          When you drag that file to the Timeline as the first file dragged to the new project's Timeline, is there a red line over that content or is there instead no colored line?


          This is what I would like you to do...putting aside that you cannot get Timeline editing done, move on to Share/Computer/AVCHD with  Presets = MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p30, export that Timeline content the file, and then determine if the video and audio of the export play back without glitches in your computer player.


          Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.





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            Jerry Mann Level 1

            Hey AT, good to hear from you...


            My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT.

            My Canon 5Dmii captured NTSC, 1920x1080 at 23.98, 2 channel audio at 48000 Hz.

            Project presets are DSLR 23.976 FPS, Display Format 24 fps, Audio 48000Hz.


            I created a Test project with same setting and imported a file, dragged it to timeline, and it is clean & audio plays fine. Imported/dragged 2nd file into same video/audio track, still good. 3rd file into same track: good. 4th file, good. Then I tried to immitate what I was doing on my real project, and Imported and dragged 5th file into project timeline, but on a different track, and is good; moved tracks overlapping each other on different tracks, turned down volume on several, still good. The project I'm working on has about 100 clips in it. Could that be bogging it down? The job I edited in the Springtime had about 170 clips.


            Earlier this evening I was able to Share/Mobile/ Apple-iPod-iPhone as an mp4 with H.264 400x224 at 29.97 [whooops! wrong frame rate!] AAC-64KBPS-44.1KHZ [whoops, mismatch again] and it came out fine.


            I just reopened the current project and it is still having trouble with the audio.


            What do ye say?



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              It is pushing 1 am where I am, so I will go deeper into this issue in the morning morning.


              Just some quick notes...when you cleared the Media Cache Database, what did you clear?

              Media Cache Folder - that has the conformed video files (.mcdb)

              Media Cache Files Folder - that has the conformed audio files (cfa and pek pairs)


              When you import the audio into the project (Get Media/Files and Folders/Project Media), are you allowing for completion any conforming activity as seen in a progress bar at the bottom right of the Timeline workspace before you make any attempts to work in the project?


              Where is the problem audio - on a numbered audio track or the soundtrack? Please clarify if you have tried to move the problem audio to newly created  numbered audio tracks above the project's default tracks?


              If you get the time, I would like to determine if the audio problem is previewing problem or an overall project problem that persists in the export.


              To be continued, including comments on results reported in your post 2.


              Thanks for the follow ups.



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                Jerry Mann Level 1

                Hey AT, hope you got some good shuteye!


                I cleared media cache by going into Preferences/ Media and hitting the button.


                Audio is currently built into video on same track... will try separating after breakfast.


                Jerry Mann

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                  Jerry Mann Level 1

                  Hey again AT...

                  I split the audio tracks from the video and put them in the Narration and Soundtrack tracks. Still having audio dropout randomly.

                  Also, yes, I let everything conform upon first import, and when reopening project I let it all load first.


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                    Jerry Mann Level 1

                    One more update for you, AT. I have found a solution, I think (knock wood).


                    I began to apply effects to my clips for color grading and zooms, pans, transitions, etc. I had to render those clips to view them smoothly. After rendering, all the audio in the rendered areas ran smoothly without dropping out. Other clips that I had not applied effects to, and not having the green line above, still would experience random audio dropout. Once I applied needed effects to the whole piece and rendered the work area, everything ran smoothly without audio error.


                    This fixes one aspect of the problem, but still is not normal, as I have been able to view clips added to timeline, overlapping on multiple tracks, without sound dropping out. Anyway, I could not find a way to "force render" the timeline, even though no effects were applied, which I thought might be the solution. So I added the effects needed and rendered.


                    I am currently Sharing/Mobile/iPad-iPhone/24 fps-48hz HiQ to see how it looks and sounds...



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Sounds like major great news.


                      I have used the "forced render" technique to my advantage many times under a variety of circumstances.

                      Most of the time, I will right click the video, select Time Stretch from the pop up menu, and then set the Speed % = 99. I do not see a downside to this.

                      In a more recent situation involving Premiere Elements 13/13.1, I applied fx Effects/Advance Adjustment/Image Control to the video clip, and then left its options as the default and closed out of there. In Premiere Elements 10, the counterpart would be Edit header/Effects/Video Effects/Adjust/Image Control and then Edit Effects/Image Control Panel expanded. In this particular case dealing with Titler titles, only consequence was forced render.


                      We will be watching for further developments as your schedule permits.



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                        Jerry Mann Level 1

                        AT thank you for always sticking with a problem until the "trouble is shot"! Your systematic approach has it's advantages in eliminating core troubles and honing it down. Seems often these glitches come up out of nowhere and are not the "fault" of any human, but the software or system just gets a glitch that is a mystery. Maybe I need to reinstall the PE10 software.


                        In other news, next thing is to figure why my outputs are brighter than what I am seeing in PE10. Some experimentation is in my future, and searching of the forum as well.




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                          A.T. Romano Level 7

                          Jerry Mann


                          It is easy enough to write about the programs as they should work, but often "Mylanta Moments" when trying to determine why they do not.


                          Are your outputs being played on the same computer as Premiere Elements 10? Is your video card/graphics card driver version up to date (provided that your computer is not using a NVIDIA GeForce card). Looking forward to further developments as your schedule permits.

                          Just be cautious about uninstall reinstall. Sometimes the uninstall and getting the reinstall can become a issue my itself.


                          Best wishes. You did a great job with the troubleshooting to gain your success.