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    AE Command line render stalling


      Anyone seen where a command line render won't initiate for over 4 hrs after it has been initiated?

      Here is what is displaying in the command line window:

      Using DXGI: Device: "NVIDIA Quadro K2000 " has dedicated video RAM (MB): 1994

      2015-08-25 12:55:26 : INFO  Environment: Scale factor from PP is 1.000000

      2015-08-25 12:55:26 : INFO  Environment: m_scaleFactor is 1.000000


      Tried to render on a rendrfarm (deadline 7) last night and this happened.  Tired just running the command on a local machine and the same thing happened.  Are there file size limits to AE projects in regards to the AfterFX.com process?


      Tried running Media Encoder from the same source project and footage and it outputs the img sequence no problem....


      The project file is 187mb.


      Running CC 2014