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    Table of Contents with Sections and Chapters

    roncurington Level 1


      I finally sorted out how to create a TOC but I’m unsure how to deal with sections and Chapters. So here’s the setup:


      I have a Recipe book with 3 or 4 sections i.e. snacks, breakfast, dinner, deserts. Each section has several recipes in it each recipe is 2 to 3 pages long and each recipe is its own .indd file. Also each section marker/page is its own page. In other words “Breakfast” is an .indd file named Breakfast and the single page in “Breakfast” has the text “Breakfast” with the paragraph style “Section Header” applied to it.




      What I want to do is include Breakfast in the TOC and then list the 4 recipes that belong to that section.


      So hopefully this would give me something like “Breakfast / Eggs Benedict ………………1-3”




      Can anyone tell me where I can find good instructions on how to do this? I’m finding the “Help” menu in Indesign a little lacking