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    Language pack installation

      I've created a .chm file on Windows XP, SP2. But when opening the file in a clean machine (only Windows installed), the following message pops-up.
      "Language pack installation
      To display language characters correctly you need to install the following language pack: Korean"
      Actually, I worked on the Windows system supporting Korean language, but the default language in RoboHelp was set to English. Even I didn't use any Korean word in the help file. I tried to re-compile .chm file on the clean machine, it didn't work either. If somebody knows about this problem, please help me!
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          Cognethos Level 1
          Try to search every html page you created within the project.
          In the Meta information, it must have one like the following:

          <meta http-equiv=content-type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

          Check the charset if it is set to an English one or Korean one.
          Only one of the html pages has a wrong one, you will still see this error message when open the chm file.

          Hope this can help.
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            ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
            Have you touched any file - HTM, HHP, HHC or HHK - of the project touched with any other application than RH? Ususally RoboHelp is very insistent about forcing its own language codes into everything, so your problem is somewaht exotic...


            ---Dirk Bock