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    Vimeo Video and Edge Animate

    jackb47477775 Level 1

      I only recently started using Edge Animate. I was a Flash user/developer from way back, but that has been 8 years. Anyway, I host all of my videos on Vimeo. I have seen a few videos on How to Link the Videos from Vimeo onto my Edge Project (rectangle to a symbol etc) I followed the code provided Exactly and yet nothing ever, ever worked!  I would try and try to Preview in the Browser (like the tutorial showed) and Nothing again and again. It cannot be that hard, but I am certainly missing something. Anything you can suggest to help would be greatly appreciated.


      var vimeo = $("<iframe/>");









      // I would put the whole string of https://.... then it would concatenate or something - that is the only suspicious thing I saw